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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Residential Solar on Metal Roof

Residential Solar
Corrugated metal roof

With a good solar company you should be satisfied and pleased with the finished project on your home. It goes without saying that it should function properly,  be code compliant and pass inspection when finished. 

In addition to that, as a  homeowner making an investment as big as solar, the finished product should also compliment your home, add value to it and you as the homeowner should like the way it looks on your home.  As with most construction projects attention to detail and great craftmanship usually translate to a better functioning and longer lasting system. 

Residential Solar
Inverter, Disconnect, Utility connection

Solar does not have to look good to function properly. 

In my 20+ years in the electrical trade, it has been my observation that when the company takes the time to also make sure that the job looks great, then in most cases it also tends to hold up to the elements better, perform at peak efficiency, and in a lot of cases it cost you as the homeowner less in maintenance expenses later on. 

Bad installation practices, unqualified installers, cheap equipment can also lead to a long list of problems including roof leaks and even fires. Any of these problems will cost you a lot of money.  

Residential solar, Hilo Hawaii

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